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Wax Cubes - Sparkle & Melts by Gato Arteiro

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Gato Arteiro is proud to offer our 100% natural Wax cubes

Delicate Fragrance - Our coconut wax hearts are a wonderful way to add delicate scent to areas like bathrooms, kitchens, living and family rooms, or in bedrooms and office spaces where you may not want open flames of a candle but want a scented freshener. These wax refills come in a 3 variety of natural smelling scents you will love.
Clean and easy way to make your place smell good without all the chemicals and very allergic fragrance  you find in the market  - Lasting longer than a spray, each wax melt set has 6 hearts of wax tarts that will create a subtle fragrance in your house, kitchen, bathroom, etc.. Refill your diffuser / warmer after a few hours of melting to maintain the wonderful aroma in the room of your choice.
Our natural wax hearts offer a stress free, healthier alternative to candles since they are burning wick free, flame free & smoke free. Use a heart or two of our amazing wax tarts in any burner - melter of your choice that is a standard plug in UL listed electric candle warmer wax melter warmer or tea light melt holder.
We are a Small Business brand. 

Wax cubes:  “Love is in the air”: made with coconut wax, sparkle flakes,  mineral mica powder for coloring, lavender, vanilla and Ylang Ylang essences and a Lovers essential oil blend… all you need for Love.
“Tiffany Dreams":  made with coconut wax, sparkle stars and glitter,  mineral mica powder for coloring, vanilla and Lemongrass essences and  Geranium essencial oil… all you need to feel empowered.
“Starry Night":  made with coconut wax, sparkle stars and flakes,  mineral mica powder for coloring, lavender and bamboo essences and Bergamot essential… all you need to calm down..