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Healing Serum by Gato Arteiro

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Healing Serum
Instructions: shake well before use
Specially formulated with 100% natural products including Brazilian  “Copaíba and Jabuticaba” oils, grain alcohol, wheat germ extract, bergamot and geranium essencial oils. This Serun benefits includes strengthening,  antiseptic, natural healing, antioxidant, and stimulant of collagen and elastin production. 
Copaiba Oil
It can help tighten the nails, reduces wrinkles and can help strengthen the hand skin so as to prevent wounds as age increases.
Eliminate Scarring – Copaiba oil protects the skin, but it can also be beneficial for healing scars. It can be used topically to help reduce the visibility of scars.
Prevent Infection – Using copaiba Oil  can give protects the skin by preventing infection in a wound.
Prevent or treat Fungal Infections – The antifungcs properties of copaiba can be useful for those who have athlete’s foot or nail fungus. Applying it to your feet can help speed up healing while protecting from future infections.
Jaboticaba Glycerin Extract 
Anti aging.
Wheatgerm extractl is naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E and is full of Vitamins and essential fatty acids which helps to protect nails.
Bergamot  Essential oil. The scent is both refreshing yet also helps to promote a sense of inner calm that may help to relieve stress or tension.
Bergamot oil can also be used to help promote healthy skin and its antiseptic
Geranium essential oil:Has a fresh, floral aroma that is uplifting to the senses. May help maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin

Biodegradable bottle and cap