Glitter Nail Art Kit (PPU Rewind)

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A Rainbow in your nails. This kit is a lot of fun. Be ready to have a little bit (or a lot) of glitter on your nails.

The Kit contains:
A jar with 3 colors of iridescent glitter
Clingy Base (5 free) 9 ml
Silicone stamper (to achieve a very leveled final result and manage the glitter mess).
1 plastic spoon

How to use it:
Apply the base coat over a cream polish and let it dry (touch dry - 60sec)
Get a sufficient amount of glitter (poured over the lid of the empty jar) using the head stamper.
Use your finger to take out the excess, so the glitter WON’T overlap each other. This is the key to get the best result.
Apply the glitter pressing the head stamper over the nail. If a spot is missing you can use your finger to cover it.
Apply any TC to finish.
Work over a silicone mat, paper towel, or any other protection. A lint roller is also a good helper.